10 Lemon Law FAQs | Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

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Getting a new vehicle typically requires a significant financial investment. Whether you purchase your car brand new or gently used, you expect it to keep you safe and run for a good many years. If you ever get a car that proves to be a “lemon,” there are legal protections to help you get the compensation you need. These include both federal laws as well as laws specific to Kentucky.
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Is the Lemon Law Different for Used Cars in Comparison to New?

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Every year, the lemon law attorneys at Clagett Law Attorneys at Law are asked many questions about how this law works. Thankfully, “lemons” aren’t all that common, but if you do end up with one, you’ll be thankful for this protective law, as it has truly helped many men and women from around the country receive compensation for their new defective vehicles.
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How the Federal Lemon Law Can Support Kentucky Consumers

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Buying a new car is supposed to be an exciting time. Shiny new rims. That new car smell. It doesn’t get much better than that! Not only is a new car, fun and exciting, but when Elizabethtown residents buy a new car, you expect it to be reliable and trustworthy for years to come.
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Does the Kentucky Lemon Law Cover Leased Vehicles?

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For residents of Kentucky who find themselves as victims of a new vehicle that turns out to be a “lemon,” the disappointment and frustration could not be more tangible. Not only did you purchase a new vehicle expecting it to be reliable for years to come, but you’ve been unable to use it far too often due to excessive time required for repairs.
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Will I Have To Pay Legal Fees In My Lemon Law Case?

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When the attorneys at Clagett Law speak with potential clients interested in pursuing Kentucky’s Lemon Law, they are often asked whether or not they will be required to pay legal fees for their legal aid. This is a great question and one that is very important to have answered prior to hiring a Lemon Law attorney.
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What Factors Determine If A Vehicle Is Qualified Under The Lemon Law?

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For many Elizabethtown residents, buying a new car is an exciting time. Not only do you get to breathe in that “new car smell” every day, but there’s a sense of reliability that comes with the purchase of a new vehicle. But what happens when your brand-new car is defective, requiring multiple trips to the repair shop to “fix” the same problem over and over? At some point, something has to give.
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