For many Elizabethtown residents, buying a new car is an exciting time. Not only do you get to breathe in that “new car smell” every day, but there’s a sense of reliability that comes with the purchase of a new vehicle. But what happens when your brand-new car is defective, requiring multiple trips to the repair shop to “fix” the same problem over and over? At some point, something has to give.

There’s good news! If you have a new vehicle that is considered defective, you can file a claim under the Lemon Law. At Clagett Law Attorneys at Law, our lawyers can help you navigate the complex details of the Kentucky Lemon Law and the Federal Lemon Law to ensure you get the compensation (or new vehicle) you deserve.

Kentucky Lemon Law

The Lemon Law was created in 1986 to allow consumers of new vehicles to receive compensation from the manufacturer if their vehicle has been in and out of the shop multiple times for the same problem with no remedy found.

In the state of Kentucky, residents can file a claim regarding the defectiveness of their vehicle if it has had 4 repair attempts or has been out of service a total of 30 days to repair defects or nonconformities within the vehicle’s first 12 months or 12,000 miles – whichever happens first. If you live in Elizabethtown and this sounds like your vehicle, you can file a claim under the Lemon Law.

However, if your vehicle does not meet the Kentucky standard to qualify under the Lemon Law, talk with the attorneys at Clagett Law to find out if it meets Federal standards.

Federal Lemon Law

While there are strict limitations in Kentucky regarding the Lemon Law, the Federal Lemon Law monitors vehicle warranties to make it easier for owners to seek a remedy for breach of warranty in court.

Under the Federal Lemon Law, Elizabethtown residents who have had their vehicle in for repair for the same issue at least 3 or 4 times during the manufacturer’s warranty period, may qualify for reimbursement from the manufacturer. Clagett Law Attorneys at Law can navigate the Federal law and help you receive a new vehicle or get your money back without paying any attorney’s fees.

What Determines a Vehicle’s Eligibility for The Lemon Law?

As we mentioned above, your vehicle will qualify for the Lemon Law if the same issue has been attempted to be repaired 4 times or has been out of service to you for 30 days or more during your first year or 12,000 miles of ownership.

If your vehicle does not meet the above Kentucky requirements to qualify under the Lemon Law, our Elizabethtown attorneys at Clagett Law can assess if your car’s repair history while under warranty is sufficient to qualify you for damages under the Federal Lemon Law.

Let Clagett Law Attorneys at Law Help You File for Damages Under The Lemon Law

Navigating the ins and outs of the Lemon Law can be confusing and time-consuming. With more than 30 years of experience, the attorneys at Clagett Law have helped many clients in Elizabethtown deal with their defective vehicles. Let them help you, too!

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