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Step-Parent Adoption

If you have a child or multiple children and would like your husband or wife to become their legal parent, the legal process is step parent adoption or second parent adoption. This form of adoption can be accomplished with or without the consent of the other biological or legal parent, depending upon the circumstances.

little girl looking at an iPad with her mother and father

At the law firm of Clagett Law, our attorneys are experienced with handling step parent and second parent adoptions and would be more than happy to explain the procedure and answer all of your questions, without cost or obligation.

Grandparent & Family Adoption

Sometimes, due to unfortunate circumstances in life, the biological parent of a child is unable to care for the child and would like either a grandparent or other family member to care for the child on a permanent basis. This can be accomplished either through an adoption or guardianship.

For over 10 years, our attorneys at Clagett Law have been assisting grandparents and relative adoptions and are happy to explain the process, the differences between adoption and guardianship, and answer all of your questions without cost or obligation.

Foster Care Adoption

If you have custody of a child as a foster parent or a child has been placed with you by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, we can help you understand the process of adopting the child.

We are happy to speak with you by telephone, without cost or obligation, to answer questions about your particular situation.

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For Elizabethtown residents who want to have a family, especially for those who are unable to have children on their own, adoption can be the most joyful experience of their entire lives. The adoption process can be complex at times, and the assistance of an experienced attorney can help to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

At the law firm of Clagett Law in Elizabethtown, we serve prospective adoptive parents throughout the Elizabethtown and surrounding areas in all aspects of the adoption process.

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