Going through a divorce is always difficult. Not only do you have to process a lot of complex emotions, but you also must contend with legal and financial worries. Finding the right family and divorce lawyer is key, and a good attorney will help you navigate those legal complexities while providing you with support and stability.

At Clagett Law, our attorneys specialize in handling divorce and child custody cases in Hodgenville, KY, and the surrounding area. We also offer additional legal services you may find helpful.

Why Choose Clagett Law?

Our attorneys have a great reputation in Hodgenville, Kentucky, and the surrounding area. We boast more than three decades of experience, encompassing cases that include divorce, child support, child custody, child support, and beyond. We are fully knowledgeable of the complexities of family law, and we are ready to provide the guidance, and support clients need during their time of struggle.

Our Areas of Practice


As you go through the divorce process, Clagett Law’s attorneys can help you handle issues related to finance, real estate, asset distribution, and more.

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Child Custody

Child custody is one of the most significant considerations during any divorce case. We help you fight for what is best for your children.

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Child Support

Child support payments help divorced parents uphold their responsibilities to their kids. We can help you navigate difficult conversations and get you the support you need.

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The process of adopting a child can be complicated. Whether you are a step-parent or are planning to foster, Clagett Law are highly qualified to help you navigate adoption.

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Military Divorce

Divorces can be especially complicated when one or both spouses serve in the military. Clagett Law offer unique experience handling military divorces.

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Same-Sex Family Rights

Our attorneys defend the marriage and adoption rights of same-sex couples, and they are here to protect you and the rights of your children.

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Estate Planning

Our lawyers can help you develop an estate plan and put the right documents in place, ensuring your assets are properly passed on following your death.

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Lemon Law Attorney

New cars that turn out to be defective are known as “lemons,” and there are laws that protect consumers who purchase these vehicles. We are here to help pursue your lemon law case if you are qualified.

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Personal Injury

If you are injured in a car accident, our attorneys can help you pursue your case and receive the compensation that you are due.

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Family Law

We are one of the most trusted family law firms in Hodgenville, KY, and we are here to guide you through issues related to divorce, child payment, family disputes, and more.

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Our practice is ready to navigate the ins and outs of family and divorce proceedings with you. Contact Clagett Law in Hodgenville, KY at (270) 560-9881 to get started.