Deciding to end a marriage is never easy. We understand the challenges that come with such an important life transition and are here to help people in Larue County navigate their way through it.

At Clagett Law, we have over three decades of experience providing family law services tailored to each person’s situation. Our highly qualified divorce attorneys can offer legal and practical advice during this trying period and support you so you don’t feel alone.

Whether financial or legal matters concern you, we’re here when you need us. When the time comes to talk about your divorce case, our trusted team will be by your side every step of the way.

Why Choose Clagett Law?

Clagett Law has provided unmatched legal support for those facing family law cases in Larue County and the surrounding Kentucky communities for more than 30 years. Our lawyers specialize in divorce, child support, custody rights, and more. They possess a comprehensive knowledge of this intricate field which can offer an advantageous solution if you need assistance during difficult times. Partner with us and find peace of mind.

Our Areas of Practice


Our divorce lawyers can provide valuable advice to you during the divorce process. They can explain and explore different options, guide settlement negotiations, and represent your interests in court. If necessary, they can also look into your spouse’s finances, advise you on child support and alimony payments, and help protect your interests if there are any disputes involving property or other assets.

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Child Custody

An experienced attorney can provide insight into parents’ legal rights and help ensure that your children’s best interests are represented. Our child custody lawyers understand the complexities of family law and can evaluate the case to determine what is in the best interest of all parties involved. They can guide you through the process, represent your position in court, and advocate for an appropriate custody arrangement.

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Child Support

A child support attorney specializes in helping determine the most appropriate financial arrangement for a child, considering both parents’ abilities and obligations. They can provide strategic guidance and advice on the best path forward and represent you in court if necessary. Lawyers are also knowledgeable about the latest laws relating to child support payments and can help ensure that all legal requirements are met.

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A family law attorney can provide invaluable assistance when adopting a new family member. They can help with paperwork and guide you through the legal process, ensuring all requirements are met, and no steps are missed. With their guidance, you will be assured that your adoption is handled properly, allowing you to rest easy knowing your new family is well cared for.

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Military Divorce

A divorce lawyer specializing in military divorces can provide invaluable assistance to those going through a divorce and serving in the armed forces. They understand all of the specific regulations and laws that apply to military divorces, which allows them to ensure all requirements are met. With their help, spouses in the military can rest assured that their divorce proceedings will be handled seamlessly, enabling them to move forward with their lives.

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Find Trusted Legal Help in Larue County

Clagett Law are family and divorce attorneys committed to aiding people in Larue County with their divorce, child custody, adoption, and related matters. They have a profound understanding of Kentucky law, allowing them to provide compassionate and informed advice. Clagett Law are devoted to discovering the ideal outcome for you so that you can go on with your life with the assurance that your situation is in the best hands. Contact us today for more information.