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Elizabethtown Family & Divorce Lawyers

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For those in the Elizabethtown area seeking extremely qualified and experienced attorneys to take on their family law cases, the firm of Clagett Law is here to help. With many years of experience, this legal firm has handled cases involving divorce, child support, child custody, and much more. They understand the difficulties of family law and will use their expertise to provide a sturdy pillar for clients in their deepest time of need.
From the very first consultation to the close of the case, clients who utilize the services of Clagett Law will find the experience extremely satisfying thanks to the personalized attention and care provided.

“Originally, our child support payments had been decided by a judge in our previous county. Once we moved to Elizabethtown, the need for more child support arose and I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I set up a consultation and ultimately decided to use Clagett Law for our child support modification case. The process was way easier than I ever imagined and I’m so glad they were able to help us find a solution.”J.H. From Google

Cassie Clagett

Born and raised in Elizabethtown, Cassie has been a lawyer since 2005, when she graduated from the Thomas M. Cooley School of Law. Throughout her career, she’s worked in personal injury, insurance defense, and employment law, but she’s found family law and Lemon Law to be her true calling. She prides herself on her passionate and positive attitude and values honesty and transparency.

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What Makes Us Different?

There are a lot of family law attorneys out there, so why should clients in Elizabethtown choose Clagett Law? One of the most important reasons to choose this legal duo is because of their extensive experience in a wide array of cases. With both a mix of simple and complicated cases throughout their careers, Clagett Law understand that every situation is different. Rather than trying to apply a standard process to every divorce or child custody argument, they take the time to listen to their clients, understand their expectations, and develop a plan to help them reach that goal.
Rather than take on every available case, Clagett Law pride themselves in staying a small boutique firm. This gives them the chance to stay familiar with each and every case and provide the highest level of legal services. What’s more, both Clagett Law are mothers and wives, giving them the experience of dealing with family issues so they can better identify and sympathize with their clients.

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