Preparing for Sole Custody: Essential Documents for Your Lawyer

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Walking through a divorce is never easy for anyone, especially the children who are involved. Divorce is an incredibly emotional time for kids and we know you want to protect them no matter what. If you believe that you should gain sole custody of your child to ensure their happiness, protection, and wellbeing, our child custody lawyers in Elizabethtown can help walk you through the process of your upcoming custody proceedings.
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How a Child Custody Lawyer Keeps Your Child’s Best Interests in Mind

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Walking through a divorce isn’t fun for anyone. And for most, it’s certainly not where they expected to end up. However, it’s one of the unfortunate aspects of life. Whether you and your spouse grew apart or there was abuse or infidelity involved, divorce happens, and getting through it while protecting your children is what matters most.
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What Forms of Child Custody Are There?

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It’s an unfortunate fact of life—husbands and wives get divorced. And when children are involved in the divorce proceeding, the entire process becomes more involved and emotional. Many residents choose the child custody lawyers of Clagett Law for their expertise in navigating the ins and outs of divorce and the terms of child custody.
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My Ex Will Not Let Me See My Child. What Are My Rights?

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It’s an unfortunate truth that some parents are not able to amicably co-parent their child(ren) during or after a divorce. If your ex is the custodial parent as determined by your legally binding child custody agreement, and he or she will not allow you to see your child(ren), don’t lose hope.
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How Is Child Support Calculated?

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Every year the child custody lawyers at Clagett Law Attorneys at Law oversee many child support cases in Elizabethtown. Whether co-parents are going through a divorce, or a custodial parent is seeking support from another legal guardian, Clagett Law have seen it all.
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5 Reasons You May Need A Child Custody Lawyer

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Divorce is one of the most emotional and stressful events one can face in life. Not only are couples being faced with a completely new way of life for themselves, but if children are involved, the divorce process can become much more complicated.
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Child Custody For Military Parents

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Courts establish child custody plans based upon the best interest of the child. Under this program, courts decide custody issues based upon what would serve the child’s general well being, and for that many aspects are considered.
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Which Of The Parents Gets Custody Rights In Kentucky

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Among the biggest questions in a Kentucky child custody case is which of the parents gets custody rights. The answer to this question depends on a great deal of aspects coming into play, but there are some basic standards as well as considerations when child custody is determined.
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3 Steps To Win your Custody Case

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Of course it would be perfect if all parents could easily come to an agreement concerning custody matters on their own. However, divorce is a hard time and can be either contested or uncontested. In a situation when parents don’t get on well anymore, they might have different views on what’s best for their children.
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