Legal Distinctions in Same-Sex vs. Heterosexual Adoption

Happy Mother Hugging Adoptive Daughter Before School
For men and women in Elizabethtown who want to add to their family through adoption, the journey can be the most exciting experience of their lives. However, the adoption process can be very complex, and the family law attorneys at Clagett Law have found that many individuals and couples need extra guidance as they maneuver the process.
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5 Things To Know About Adoption Tax Credit

blog title - 5 things to know about adoption tax credit
Taxpayers who adopt a child may get approved for the adoption tax credit and paid out-of-pocket costs relating to the adoption. The amount of the tax credit you qualify for is directly related to just how much money you invested in adoption-related expenditures.
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Starting Adoption Right

blog title starting adoption right
For people who want to have a family, especially for those who are unable to have children on their own, adoption can be the most joyful experience of their entire lives. The adoption process can be complex at times, and this is definitely not a situation to act without thorough preparation. As experienced adoption lawyers, Clagett and Bernett know how to start adoption right.
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