What Happens If I Don’t Pay Child Support?

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You can face serious consequences if you are a parent and fail to pay your court-ordered child support. Not only does unpaid child support affect your relationship with your children, but it can also lead to financial penalties and criminal charges.
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Three Aspects About Military Child Support In Kentucky

blog title - three aspects about military child support in kentucky
Undergoing a divorce while serving in the military is a huge stress. It may seem that members of the military can adopt to any situation but it doesn’t make the things easier. Moreover, because of duty, constant relocation and wartime deployment, these people are limited in terms of normal court proceedings.
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How Is Child Support Calculated In Kentucky?

blog title - How Is Child Support Calculated In Kentucky
Most parents after divorce have issues with understand the regulations and also ways in which child support must be paid. More often than not, it is challenging to figure out the amount you or your former should be paying.
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