Divorce is one of the most emotional and stressful events one can face in life. Not only are couples being faced with a completely new way of life for themselves, but if children are involved, the divorce process can become much more complicated.

For Elizabethtown men and women who are in the middle of a divorce, or are planning to file for one, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced child custody lawyer. While not all divorce or family lawyers have experience handling child custody cases, we at Clagett Law have years of experience handling divorce cases involving child custody agreements.

Unfortunately, many local residents don’t realize how important it is to have a child custody lawyer in their corner when divorce proceedings begin – especially if there’s a question concerning where the children will reside and how they will be financially supported.

Because Clagett Law Attorneys at Law believe in fully educating their Elizabethtown clients, we’re providing you with the following 5 reasons why you may need a child custody lawyer during your divorce.

    1. Child custody lawyers are able to negotiate with the opposing party on your behalf.
      As we mentioned earlier, divorce is emotional – no matter the circumstances surrounding the decision. One of the essential reasons you should choose a child custody lawyer during your divorce is because your lawyer will negotiate with your ex on your behalf. With their professional demeanors, child custody lawyers Clagett Law are able to bring an unbiased view to negotiations while effectively advocating for you.
    2. Child custody lawyers are able to handle complicated legal issues like interstate or international custody arrangements.
      If your child custody case is complicated by larger legal issues, such as custody that crosses state lines, you will need a child custody lawyer like those at Clagett Law who know the complex ins and outs of the legal requirements unique to these types of cases.
    3. Child custody lawyers are able to change your child custody agreement in a way that best suits both you and your child(ren)s needs.
      Once you and your ex reach an agreement regarding the custody of your child(ren) during your divorce, the court will then legally bind those terms and each party will be held accountable for their requirements laid out in the agreement. However, many child custody agreements eventually need to be modified in some way. A child custody lawyer will be able to make those changes correctly, without causing a violation of terms.
    4. Child custody lawyers manage all the required paperwork and documentation.
      While many Elizabethtown men and women believe they will be able to handle managing and filing the required paperwork for their divorce and child custody case, more often than not that required paperwork becomes overwhelming – especially in the middle of an emotional experience such as a divorce. Clagett Law are experienced child custody lawyers who will be able to effectively and efficiently manage all the court-required paperwork to ensure the court has what it needs to settle your case.
    5. Child custody lawyers are able to speak on your behalf.
      When you enter into an agreement with experienced child custody lawyers like Clagett Law, you can have confidence knowing that they will be well prepared to fight for you by speaking to the various laws regarding child custody. Allowing a lawyer to advocate on your behalf keeps your emotions out of the proceedings and helps ensure a positive outcome.

Get Help With Your Child Custody Case in Elizabethtown

Men and women in Elizabethtown who have children and are in the middle of a divorce, or plan to file for divorce, should seek the help of experienced child custody lawyers to ensure the best possible outcome for their case.

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