When the attorneys at Clagett Law speak with potential clients interested in pursuing Kentucky’s Lemon Law, they are often asked whether or not they will be required to pay legal fees for their legal aid. This is a great question and one that is very important to have answered prior to hiring a Lemon Law attorney.

This blog will discuss Kentucky’s Lemon Law, tell you what type of defects qualify for the law, inform you about the types of resolutions you can expect to receive under the law, and let you know all about the legal fees associated with a Lemon Law case.

What Problems Does Kentucky’s Lemon Law Cover?

Elizabethtown residents can qualify for the Lemon Law in Kentucky if their vehicle has nonconformities. This means that it fails to conform with the manufacturer warranty in such a way that it becomes significantly impaired for use, value, or safety. However, there is a stipulation in place to protect vehicle manufacturers. If it can be proven that the defect is the result of abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modification of the vehicle by the consumer, the manufacturer will not be held liable.

In order to know whether or not the problems you are experiencing qualify for the Kentucky Lemon Law, call the attorneys at Clagett Law in Elizabethtown today for a free review of your repairs.

If I Qualify for The Lemon Law, What Resolution Will I Receive?

To qualify for the Lemon Law in Kentucky, Elizabethtown residents will need to prove that their vehicle has had 4 repair attempts or been out of service a total of 30 days to repair defects or nonconformities within the vehicle’s first 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Once these criteria have been met, our Lemon Law attorneys at Clagett Law will get to work contacting the vehicle manufacturer in writing with an informal dispute resolution to request they repurchase or replace your vehicle.

Repurchase of Vehicle

If your desired outcome is that the manufacturer repurchases your defective vehicle, they will be required to reimburse the following amounts:

  • The full purchase price of the vehicle
  • The finance charges associated with the purchase
  • All sales tax
  • License and registration fees
  • Other governmental charges
  • Collateral charges

These amounts will be less the reasonable allowance for your use of the vehicle, which is the amount directly related to your use of the vehicle when it was in service.

Replacement of Vehicle

For Elizabethtown residents who choose to have their defective vehicle replaced, the manufacturer must do so with a comparable vehicle.

By law, vehicle manufacturers are required to resolve the claim in either manner; however, it’s not always an easy road and can take as many as 6 months before your Lemon Law case is fully settled.

So, Do I Have to Pay Legal Fees in My Lemon Law Case?

This might be one of the best parts of the Lemon Law. Both Kentucky and Federal Lemon Laws require the manufacturer to pay all attorney’s fees in a Lemon Law case! Not only that, but when you choose Clagett Law Attorneys at Law in Elizabethtown, you will receive a free review of your car’s repair history to determine whether or not the repairs on your vehicle qualify you under the Lemon Law. What a great deal!

Clagett Law Attorneys at Law Have More Than 30 Years of Experience Fighting for Their Clients

The attorneys at Clagett Law will provide you with professional and experienced legal assistance during your Lemon Law claim at no cost to you. Because they are a boutique law firm, they know each case intimately and work hard to get you what you deserve.

If you’d like to find out if your vehicle qualifies under the Lemon Law, call them today at (270) 900-0533.