It’s never fun to think about, but at some point, everyone will need to consider writing a last will and testament to ensure you have the right legal documents in place before your life comes to an end. Elizabethtown men and women who have multiple family members, own a business, or have no descendants will need to be very clear about what should happen to their estate upon their death.

But what should you include in a last will and testament? It may not be as easy as you think. The estate planning attorneys at Clagett Law Attorneys at Law can help create a last will and testament built specifically around your life and final wishes.

What Is a Last Will and Testament?

A last will and testament is a legal document created by an individual to communicate their final wishes as they pertain to their earthly possessions and dependents. This document specifically outlines what should be done with their possessions, whether they are donated or passed on to specific family members or friends. Additionally, a last will and testament will detail what the individual desires for their dependents—who should take care of them if they are underage, who should manage financial accounts, and who the deceased chooses to ensure their best interests.

Because of the personal and emotional nature of a last will and testament, it is best that Elizabethtown residents choose an estate planning attorney to help develop this document to both protect you and your wishes, as well as guide you through the intricate legal process.

What Should Be Included in a Last Will and Testament

Choosing an estate planning attorney to help develop your last will and testament will ensure that all of your final wishes are legally secured upon your death. Many Elizabethtown residents are unsure of what types of things should be covered in their last will and testament. In general, there are three major areas of life you should be sure to include as you sit down and prepare this document with your estate planning attorney:

  1. Include Your Wishes for Your Assets
    Your assets are one of the most important things to include in your last will and testament. When you visit with your estate planning attorney at Clagett Law, they will help you put on paper your specific wishes for which heirs get what assets. Your estate planning attorney will also help you describe in detail each asset so family members and heirs can clearly identify each one. Besides physical assets, you should also include your wishes for your financial assets, such as bank accounts and other monetary accounts.
  2. Include Your Wishes for Your Descendants
    Elizabethtown men and women who are parents should absolutely include their final wishes for their children. This will ensure they are taken care of upon your passing. When you sit down with your estate planning attorney, they will help you include all of the specifics of naming a guardian for your minor children. Taking time to legally determine a guarding for your children will ensure they are taken care of by a person or persons of your choosing and not that of the state.
  3. Include Your Wishes for Your Real Property
    The term “real property” refers to homes and buildings. This is a more time-consuming effort than detailing that of general assets and an estate planning attorney should be consulted for this process, as they will know exactly what you should include and the language that should be used to ensure your real property is dispersed appropriately.

Don’t Leave the Fate of Your Assets Up to Chance

Choosing to hire an estate planning attorney not only ensures your assets and final wishes are legally protected, but it offers peace of mind as well. Because estate law can be very confusing, it’s possible that important details and aspects of the law could be missed by someone attempting to put together their last will and testament alone. Consult with our estate planning attorneys at Clagett Law Attorneys at Law in Elizabethtown to ensure your final wishes are secure.

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