Many of the clients who meet with the estate planning attorneys at Clagett Law in Elizabethtown ask what they should prepare before coming in for their first meeting. This is a great question, as being well prepared will ensure a successful and productive first meeting. In this blog, we’re going to go over some of the most important things you can gather and prepare before meeting with your estate planning attorney.

Estate Planning Questionnaire

Before coming in for your first meeting with your estate planning attorney, you will be provided with a detailed estate planning questionnaire. Please fill this out completely and be as detailed as possible. Not only will it help you think through all the different aspects of estate planning, but it will give you a foundation from which to work in gathering paperwork.

Details About Your Family

Be prepared to provide information about your family, such as names, ages, and contact information. Include information about your spouse or any former spouse you have had as well. Even if you don’t plan to allocate any assets to certain members of your family, it will be beneficial to still include them in the information you provide to your estate planning attorney at Clagett Law.

Information About Your Real Property

“Real property” means information about any physical property you have, such as your primary residence, rental homes, vacation homes, or investment properties—whether they are located in Elizabethtown or not. Your estate planning attorney will need to review the ownership interest, market value, and any mortgages associated with each property.

Financial Information

Before meeting with your estate planning attorney, be sure to gather together information about your active bank accounts, investment accounts, and stocks and bonds. Any financial account used associated with income or debts will need to be assessed by your attorney. Your Elizabethtown estate planning attorney will not need your account numbers but will need to review the titling of each account.

Retirement Account Information

Be sure to bring in information about your retirement savings accounts, including 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 457s, IRAs, Roths, TSPs, inherited retirement savings accounts and pension information. Your estate planning attorney will need to evaluate how each account is set up and the beneficiary information associated with each account.

Life Insurance Information

Another thing you should prepare before meeting with your estate planning attorney at Clagett Law is information about your life insurance policy or policies. Our attorneys will need to know what type of policy you have, which company the policy is with, what the exact death benefits are, and who the beneficiaries are for the policy.

Tangible Personal Property Information

This type of property refers to any antiques, heirlooms, collectibles, jewelry, art, and other valuables you own that could be important to your family members. If you’re able, bring in receipts, appraisals, or other information proving worth of each item.

Information About Your Business

If you own a business in Elizabethtown or elsewhere, or have invested interest in a business, be sure to provide your estate planning attorney with details of the type of business and where it is located. Be sure to let your attorney know of any other owners or shareholders involved and the details of how much of the company each person owns.

The Estate Planning Attorneys at Clagett Law Attorneys at Law Can Help

Choosing an estate planning attorney in Elizabethtown is no small matter, and we know you want someone you can trust. Our attorneys will always be honest, thorough, and above reproach in everything they do.

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