Divorce can be a long, daunting, and emotional process. And many of the people our divorce attorneys at Clagett Law consult with don’t want to deal with the fighting, he-said-she-said, or court appearances. Streamlining the process is what most men and women prefer, so today, we’re going to talk about how a divorce attorney can help you get a divorce without the need for a lengthy court battle. Keep reading!

Uncontested Divorce

Men and women who have mutually agreed to separate and can work out the four main issues of their relationship in a cordial manner may choose an uncontested divorce. This type of divorce case will not go to court other than to hear the final ruling of a judge, but instead, the details and negotiations will be determined between the couple outside of a courtroom.

There are many benefits of an uncontested divorce, including:

  • Lowered attorney fees, as the case will be both less involved and over much quicker than a contested divorce.
  • More amicable separation, which could be more beneficial for involved children.
  • Less information revealed to the public, as the client’s assets do not need to be filed in court.
  • Navigation of any local court rules and legal requirements necessary to successfully obtain an uncontested divorce.

Before deciding on your own if your case would be well handled as an uncontested divorce, you should first enlist the help of an experienced divorce attorney like those at Clagett Law Attorneys at Law. While an uncontested divorce doesn’t have to go to court, the help of an attorney is essential, as negotiations and divisions between divorcees are not always fair or equal.

What Are the Four Main Things to Worry About with Divorce?

As we mentioned above, there are four main issues of a relationship that your divorce attorney can help you handle during your divorce proceedings. Those include:

  1. Child custody: this will decide who gets custody of the children and whether the other parent will have visitation rights.
  2. Child support: this will decide the appropriate amount of financial support that each parent will be responsible for providing.
  3. Maintenance: this is a recurring fee to support the financial health of the other person.
  4. Equitable division of assets and liabilities: this will decide how the couple’s financial holdings and burdens will be divided, including money in savings accounts, investments, or credit card debt.

While there will be other matters to determine during divorce proceedings, these are considered the four main areas of a relationship that will be addressed and divided.

Let Our Divorce Attorneys at Clagett Law Attorneys at Law Support You During Your Divorce

The divorce attorneys at Clagett Law have helped hundreds of clients through some of the most trying times in their lives. Their dedication to developing a personal relationship with each client has meant those clients continue to choose Clagett Law as their legal aid when needed.

If you are contemplating a divorce, but don’t want to go to court, learn more about working with a divorce attorney and your options.