Your brand-new vehicle isn’t working like you wished, but how do you verify that to the car producer? If you are in Kentucky, you are in luck since this state has one of the strictest laws to protect your rights as a consumer.

The enjoyment of a brand-new car can quickly pass away when it appears you have a lemon. In Kentucky, your automobile could be considered a lemon under the law when specific conditions are met. If your auto meets the standards, you are qualified to either a substitute or the entire fixing and free repair service. Collaborating with an attorney specialized in the Lemon Law is essential to provide the appropriate proof and also bring it to the focus of your manufacturer or dealer.

What Makes Kentucky Cars A Lemon?

According to Kentucky state laws, the vehicle is considered a lemon when:

It has a fault within the first 12,000 miles on the odometer or 12 months of purchase (whichever comes first).
The issue cannot be repaired after 4 attempts
The problem causes your vehicle to be out of service for at least 30 days.
Moreover, both brand-new and pre-owned vehicles that have a manufacturer’s guarantee are covered by the state’s Lemon Legislation. An auto can only be considered a lemon if the troubles are not caused by abuse by the owner. If the car is legally a lemon, the producer should act to make sure that you are compensated.

Collecting The Proof You Require

Not all dealers and manufacturers are hostile to the problems you faced and may be willing to help a buyer that bought a lemon. Nonetheless, it is still vital to keep good records to show why you deserve the compensation. Your dealer may not have the capability to track all the information related to your car.

Keep together all receipts and solution write-ups. Include detailed notes about the amount of time that the automobile was in the shop and also the precise nature of any concerns. If the problems with your vehicle led to missing time at work or college, or you were forced to get a taxi or rental car, keep notes on these cases, too.

What To Do If The Car is a Lemon?

First of all, you need to speak with a lemon law lawyer at Clagett Law who can help you with dealing with the dealership where you bought your vehicle. According to the state law, you must be offered with either compensation or a substitute. If the dealership either will not or can not assist you, you should be working with the manufacturer.

A lawyer will certainly begin the process by sending out a letter to them through certified mail which is listed in the car’s owner’s manual. In the letter, the manufacturer would be asked to purchase your automobile back. The collected information about your repairs and downtime would be also included.

If after receiving the letter with the proof, the manufacturer is not going to buy the vehicle, the following action would be to discover if the manufacturer has an arbitration program. Typically, the contract you sign when buying a car requires you to go through arbitration first. Manufacturers must provide you with cost free arbitration up to 2 years after the purchase date, or 25,000 miles, (whichever is sooner). Read our post about how to file a legal complaint if your car is a lemon to better understand the process.

Don’t forget that your rights are respected and protected not only by the law, but a qualified attorney Cassie Clagett. By collecting the right evidence, mindful record-keeping and making a strong case, you can make sure that you wind up with a car that operates as expected and better suits your needs.

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