8 Steps To Take If Your Divorce Is Inevitable

blog title - 8 steps to take if your divorce is inevitable
Divorce is a delicate subject loaded with layers of emotions. While it could be hard to admit, but actually every third American couple ends up divorcing. Recent data reveals that the current divorce price in the US is about 50% of the marriage price.
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3 Steps To Win your Custody Case

blog title - 3 steps to win your custody case
Of course it would be perfect if all parents could easily come to an agreement concerning custody matters on their own. However, divorce is a hard time and can be either contested or uncontested. In a situation when parents don’t get on well anymore, they might have different views on what’s best for their children.
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5 Vital Items To Keep After A Car Accident

blog title - 5 items to keep after a car accident in elizabethtown
Being a participant of a car accident always causes a huge stress. Even if no one is hurt, most drivers involved in a crash — either with a stationery object or another vehicle — really feel a sense of anxiousness and discomfort afterward.
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Kentucky Asset Division Essentials

blog title - kentucky asset division essentials
Laws regulating division of assets in divorce vary from one state to another. Kentucky legislation requires a division that is fair, implying that it should be reasonable also if it’s not equivalent. Some pairs have the ability to settle on how to separate every little thing, while others look for the aid of attorneys to help them to negotiate a settlement that benefits both partners.
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Bought A Defective Car? The Law Is On Your Side

Title image - Bought a defective car? the law is on your side
At all levels, consisting of federal as well as state, there are laws specifically intended to protect your rights as a consumer, especially if you have purchased a defective vehicle. To get the better understanding of what defective means, you could consider it as any issue with your just recently purchased vehicle related to expected safety and use standards.
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Starting Adoption Right

blog title starting adoption right
For people who want to have a family, especially for those who are unable to have children on their own, adoption can be the most joyful experience of their entire lives. The adoption process can be complex at times, and this is definitely not a situation to act without thorough preparation. As experienced adoption lawyers, Clagett and Bernett know how to start adoption right.
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Proving Your Car Is A Lemon In Kentucky

Blog Title - Proving your car is a lemon in kentucky
Your brand-new vehicle isn’t working like you wished, but how do you verify that to the car producer? If you are in Kentucky, you are in luck since this state has one of the strictest laws to protect your rights as a consumer.
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How To File A Legal Complaint If Your Car Is A Lemon?

blog title - how to file a legal complaint if your car is a lemon
If you want to file a legal complaint for violating the Lemon Law, it is essential to have a deep understanding of these laws in your state. The consumer protection laws have actually been enacted on a government level for many years, but still each American state has its very own interpretation of how that regulation is defined.
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