5 Things To Know About Adoption Tax Credit

blog title - 5 things to know about adoption tax credit
Taxpayers who adopt a child may get approved for the adoption tax credit and paid out-of-pocket costs relating to the adoption. The amount of the tax credit you qualify for is directly related to just how much money you invested in adoption-related expenditures.
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Child Custody For Military Parents

blog title - child custody for military parents
Courts establish child custody plans based upon the best interest of the child. Under this program, courts decide custody issues based upon what would serve the child’s general well being, and for that many aspects are considered.
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Which Of The Parents Gets Custody Rights In Kentucky

blog title - which of the parents gets custody rights in kentucky
Among the biggest questions in a Kentucky child custody case is which of the parents gets custody rights. The answer to this question depends on a great deal of aspects coming into play, but there are some basic standards as well as considerations when child custody is determined.
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How To Recognize A Lemon

blog title - hot to recognize a lemon
It’s so exciting to buy a new car! Nothing can beat the smell of a new car or the feeling when you’re pulling up in front of your friends or colleagues. But the other side of owning a car is paying repair bills, especially if your purchase is brand-new.
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Three Aspects About Military Child Support In Kentucky

blog title - three aspects about military child support in kentucky
Undergoing a divorce while serving in the military is a huge stress. It may seem that members of the military can adopt to any situation but it doesn’t make the things easier. Moreover, because of duty, constant relocation and wartime deployment, these people are limited in terms of normal court proceedings.
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Should You Divorce Or Make A Personal Injury Claim First?

blog title - should you divorce or make a personal injury claim first
Life is a very complicated thing. Sometimes it seems that you are the happiest person in the world and then of all sudden life hits a rough patch. The most important thing you have to remember is that you are not alone and Clagett Law are always ready to give you some legal assistance.
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