10 Leading Causes of Divorce in the United States

Female Hands Holding Wedding Ring with Divorce Papers Underneath
What causes the divorce rate to be so high? There is no one answer to that question; indeed, there are a number of factors that can assail and ultimately undermine a marriage, sometimes leading to reconciliation but sometimes ending in the marriage’s dissolution. Take a moment to consider some of the most common causes of divorce in the United States.
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10 Questions a Divorce Lawyer Will Ask You

Upset Married Couple Sitting Apart From Each Other on the Couch
One thing that can mediate the stress of that first meeting is arriving with some sense of what to expect. Certainly, you can anticipate that your divorce lawyer will have a number of questions for you. It may be helpful to think through these questions in advance, and to ready your answers.
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What to Look for in an Estate Planning Lawyer

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Estate planning is all about preparing for the future. Naturally, it is important to find an estate planning attorney who is trustworthy and knowledgeable. As you interview potential estate planning lawyers, there are a number of factors worth bearing in mind.
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COVID-19 and Divorce

Upset Female Holding Head at Top of the Bed with Husband Behind Her
Within any relationship, there can be seasons of tension. Often, this tension is triggered by external stressors, which may include anything from financial strain to anxiety over personal health and wellbeing. We will catalog some of the specific factors contributing to heightened divorce rates, and also share information about what divorce looks like in the age of social distancing.
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Is the Lemon Law Different for Used Cars in Comparison to New?

Mature Male Standing On Street Outside
Every year, the lemon law attorneys at Clagett Law Attorneys at Law are asked many questions about how this law works. Thankfully, “lemons” aren’t all that common, but if you do end up with one, you’ll be thankful for this protective law, as it has truly helped many men and women from around the country receive compensation for their new defective vehicles.
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Preparing for Sole Custody: Essential Documents for Your Lawyer

Father Daughter And Dog Sitting On Grass
Walking through a divorce is never easy for anyone, especially the children who are involved. Divorce is an incredibly emotional time for kids and we know you want to protect them no matter what. If you believe that you should gain sole custody of your child to ensure their happiness, protection, and wellbeing, our child custody lawyers in Elizabethtown can help walk you through the process of your upcoming custody proceedings.
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How the Federal Lemon Law Can Support Kentucky Consumers

Female Sitting In Office Chair
Buying a new car is supposed to be an exciting time. Shiny new rims. That new car smell. It doesn’t get much better than that! Not only is a new car, fun and exciting, but when Elizabethtown residents buy a new car, you expect it to be reliable and trustworthy for years to come.
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How a Child Custody Lawyer Keeps Your Child’s Best Interests in Mind

Father And Son Woodworking
Walking through a divorce isn’t fun for anyone. And for most, it’s certainly not where they expected to end up. However, it’s one of the unfortunate aspects of life. Whether you and your spouse grew apart or there was abuse or infidelity involved, divorce happens, and getting through it while protecting your children is what matters most.
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Does the Kentucky Lemon Law Cover Leased Vehicles?

Lawyer Writing On Legal Documents
For residents of Kentucky who find themselves as victims of a new vehicle that turns out to be a “lemon,” the disappointment and frustration could not be more tangible. Not only did you purchase a new vehicle expecting it to be reliable for years to come, but you’ve been unable to use it far too often due to excessive time required for repairs.
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What Forms of Child Custody Are There?

Mother and Daughter Embracing Under The Sunlight
It’s an unfortunate fact of life—husbands and wives get divorced. And when children are involved in the divorce proceeding, the entire process becomes more involved and emotional. Many residents choose the child custody lawyers of Clagett Law for their expertise in navigating the ins and outs of divorce and the terms of child custody.
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